Asbury Park Homeowner's AssociationOffices of President, Vice President & Secretary Application Process

In order to apply for President, Vice President and Secretary we ask you to read this page in it’s entirety, then:

 Please complete the form at the bottom of this page. 

You can also send the information via email to or send a regular letter to:

John Fredricksen
302 Eighth Ave #3
Asbury Park, NY 07712

The due date for all submissions is Monday Oct 15th .

This information will be distributed to the general membership at our next meeting 7:00 PM Oct 22nd and via email to our membership list.

The vote will be held at our November General Homeowners Meeting on Sat. Nov. 21st.

From the APHA By-laws

Article 2 – Board of Trustees and Officers
  1. There shall be a Board of Trustees consisting of five to fifteen elected members which is made up of five officers and up to ten non-officers.
  2. Among these Board of Trustees will be the following officers:
    1. President
    2. Vice President
    3. Secretary
    4. Treasurer
    5. Membership Officer
  1. Each Board of Trustees member shall serve a two-year term effective upon the date of the election.
  2. Elections will be held at the November General Membership Meeting.
  3. The President and Vice President shall not exceed 3 consecutive terms (six consecutive years).
  1. No person elected to the Board of Trustees of the Association shall hold any elected office of any governmental entity.
  2. If a vacancy occurs in the office of the Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, or Membership Chairperson; the President shall appoint a temporary replacement, with the approval of the Board of Trustees. If a vacancy occurs in the Office of the President, the Vice President shall serve for the remainder of the term.
  3. If a vacancy occurs in a Trustee seat, that position shall remain unfilled until the next general election cycle.
  4. A Trustee may resign at any time by submitting written notice to the Board of Trustees.
  5. A trustee may request a leave of absence if they determine they may not be able to meet the duties expected of a trustee. This leave must be for a specified time and must be approved in advance by the board.

Article 3 – Duties

  1. Trustees are expected to attend at least 70% of all Board and General meetings. (Board meeting are generally held on the first Tuesday of the month at 7 PM and General meetings are usually held either the last Thursday of the month at 7 PM or the last Saturday of the month at 11:00 AM)  A Trustee may be subject to termination by vote of the Board if he/she has missed three consecutive meetings..
  2. The Board of Trustees shall see that the duties of all the Trustees are observed. They have the power to request the resignation and/or termination of any Trustee, providing such action is approved by a majority vote of the general membership.
  3. The Board of Trustees shall also be responsible for all property of the Association and submit a yearly report to the membership at the end of the fiscal year.
  4. The President using Roberts Rules of Order as a guide will preside over both the Board and the General Meetings. The President in consultation with his/her Officers shall set the agenda for Board Meetings one week in advance and for General Meetings two weeks in advance and send this agenda to the Secretary.
  5. The Vice President shall assume the duties of the President in his or her absence and shall assist in every way including coordinating committees, developing community relationships and projects etc.
  6. The President and Vice President will be the only persons that automatically have the right to speak as the representative of the Association at public forums and publications. The President can grant this right to other Trustees and Committee Chairpersons on limited topics and limited engagements.
  7. The Secretary will take the minutes during each Board and General Meeting. The Secretary will send to Board Members notice of upcoming Board Meetings to include time & place, agenda, and past minutes at least one week in advance. The Secretary will send General Members notice of upcoming General Meeting to include time & place, and agenda and least two weeks in advance. Past minutes of General Meetings shall be posted on the Association’s Website and be made available at General Meetings. The Secretary shall also have the power to appoint an assistant.
  8. The Treasurer under the direction of the President and Board of Trustees, shall have, unless otherwise provided for, general custody of the funds, securities, and other valuable assets of the Association. All of the Treasurer’s books, accounts, and records shall be the property of the Association. The Treasurer is authorized to open such accounts in a bank or depository as the Board of Trustees may direct. The Treasurer shall keep permanent records of monies received and disbursed. At each General Meeting the Treasurer will present a report of current account balances. At each Board Meeting the Treasurer will present a detailed written report.
  9. The Membership Officer shall keep the names, addresses, emails and telephone numbers of all members, receive all dues and turn monies over to the Treasurer. The Membership Officer shall send dues reminders to all dues in arrears. Any member/household 90 days delinquent in the payment of their dues shall be placed in delinquent status and no longer enjoy the rights and privileges of membership. The Membership Officer shall be active in maintaining and increasing membership rolls.
  10. In the event that any Officer is temporarily unable to perform his/her duties the President can call upon any Trustee to perform those duties, until such time that the Officer of Record can either resume his/her duties or be replaced.

From Policies and Procedures:
Duties and Communication
A.  For the Members (The Officers and Non Officers)  of the Board of Trustees: Must communicate with the President any items they wish to put on the agenda at least 10 days in advance of a Board meeting and at least 17 days in advance of General meeting.  If a Trustee can not attend a meeting he/she must email the President as soon as possible.  The Board must conduct an audit of the treasury by two non-signatory Trustees and /or general members by October 31 of each year.
All members of the Board of Trustees should be on “Constant Contact” or similar internet communication device.  They may use this devise to communicate with trustees and committee members concerning board and committee business.   They may use this device to communicate to the general membership only for reason of planning, making and publicizing their specific events.

Please read the following specific job descriptions.
The President shall communicate via phone call and/or email with the entire board and committee chairs a least 10 days before a Board meeting and 17 days in advance of a General meeting to create the agenda for that meeting.
The Secretary:  Prior to the scheduled meetings (one week for Board and two weeks for the General meetings) the secretary shall send out an email containing the Agenda and reminder for the upcoming meeting.  The Secretary also sends the minutes from the previous Board meeting to the trustees for review and approval at meeting.  The Secretary posts the previous General Meeting minutes on the Association’s website for review and approval by the membership.  If any Trustee or member replies with a correction to the minutes, the secretary must make note of them.  For small factual changes such as typos, misspellings, incorrect phone numbers, wrong email address etc. the Secretary has the power to immediately make those changes directly into the minutes.  All other changes must be announced during the Secretary’s Report and approved by the Board or Trustees or General membership.