The APHA’s mission is to provide resident homeowners with an organized means of gathering together to develop and implement activities, programs and special projects to enhance the quality of life in our City. Our goal is to increase awareness and spearhead change of the social, civil, and educational climate of the city in order to make Asbury Park an even better place to live. Homeowners in Asbury Park have a vested interest in our city and now more than ever, you need to ensure your voice isn’t lost amongst the excitement and growing importance of Asbury as a top tourist donation. Becoming a part of the APHA will ensure that as a homeowner, your important influence on the growth of Asbury will continue.

Membership in the APHOA is only $20 a year per person. Our monthly meetings offer you important opportunities to meet with the political, economic and social leaders of the city and to hear about (and question) upcoming projects and initiatives first hand. We are also involved with giving back to the community through donations and fundraisers throughout the year.

This town’s resurgence is due to homeowners like you having the vision and foresight to realize that Asbury Park did not die, but simply went into hibernation. You deserve to have a voice in the changes that are coming to Asbury and being a member of the APHA gives that voice to you. It also allows you to influence exactly what those changes will be. The larger our membership, the greater our influence in the political, economic and social life of Asbury. Together, we can ensure that Asbury not only returns to its former glory, but also surpasses that glory.